I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved with my family to the US in 1990. I've called Miami, FL home since then.
 As a young girl I had an affinity for creative writing, and at the age of 14, realized that I wanted to make clothing for a living. The ability to create clothing that tells stories seems like a natural marriage of my two passions. 
The journey toward my present occupation was long and hard fought, as I don't come from a family or ethnic background that readily supports creative pursuits. West Indian parents believe that careers should be practical and provide a means for concrete social mobility. Designing clothes is as about as impractical as you can get- maybe that's why I enjoy doing it so much. 
I like proving people wrong.
My work, latent with post-colonial remnants of my birthplace, directly reflects my experience as an Indo-Caribbean female growing up in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. Somewhat of a minority within a minority- the clothing, and the world I  create around it, reconciles the clash of cultures and religious beliefs that have shaped my upbringing and ever evolving notion of Self.
 The characters in my head are brought to life through dress. I custom design pieces to tell a story and connect with local photographers to create a visual that expounds on the themes I wish to explore. Every character I create is a direct hyper-realization of myself, and every collaboration provides new insights into my journey within.