After giving birth to Chixsie I wanted to further explore her character. I created this custom leather bra bustier, fringe cropped pants, and face mask to expose her darker, edgier side. Having been raised in Miami, I am heavily influenced by hispanic culture, and thought that the same influence might lend well to this strong female pan-Caribbean character. I began to reflect on feminism as it extends to all of the Caribbean- not just the West Indian islands- but those of Hispanic descent as well. Chixsie can then be seen as a hyper real mash up of Latin American and West Indian ideals- and a direct reflection of my upbringing. I styled her hair with a 'busca novio' - the slicked down side curl that extends down the side of her face, literally meaning 'get a boyfriend' and wore a bindi- a traditional Indian motif signifying the third eye. I wanted to evoke strength and sex appeal- mixing both masculine and feminine energies in a way that is distinct to strong female characters of my upbringing.
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