The concept of this shoot was "get you a girl who can do both."  I frequently touch on the notion of duality throughout my work- because I think too often we limit ourselves to just one thing. I consider myself articulate and well read- but that doesn't mean I can't like trap music and have gold-teeth. Too often society begs us to check one box- and that's something I simply refuse to do. 

Deeper context aside, at a base level- the concept of "Get you a girl who can do both" refers to a girl that can wear sneakers and also designer heels, so I styled some of my custom pieces (detailed images below) with designer heels and sneakers from my personal collection. Sneaker culture is a huge part of what it means to be a Miamian- especially in the working class neighborhood of Fountainbleau, where I grew up. That, coupled with the fact that women in Miami are known for over dressing, was the inspiration behind this shoot. With my activewear brand, Habit Activ- I try to create images that speak to the archetypal "Miami Girl." She is strong, sexy, and has a street edge. I styled the look with a long ponytail and nose chain as a nod to my West Indian roots. 

Shot by my great friend and fellow Miami Girl Janin Cruz
Custom Logo Chaps with leftover Logo Elastic 
Mens Jacket Design with Fringe from my activewear line Habit Activ 
Custom Mesh Cargo Pants based off a pair of Mens Trousers that I thrifted at Goodwill. Pockets make me happy. 
Velvet Burnout dress lined with Power Mesh to tuck you in all the right places. 
Custom Men's Jacket from my Activewear Line - Habit Activ
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