I created this printed fabric from a series of photos I took at Fairchild Botanical Garden.  My initial desire was to create a Tropical Camo print because I couldn't find any ready made camo prints that gave me a jungle feel. 
These images were shot by my best friend of 28 years, Loren Blandon. I know I am speaking with a heavy bias, but Loren has an affinity for anything she picks up. When she began to seriously explore her interest in photography a few years back I was so excited to create with her. These shoots then are not only a space to explore characters, and show off the clothes I design, but a moment to tell stories and connect with people that I admire. 
 It was the beauty of these images that first prompted me to start wearing the pieces I created and shooting myself in them. Prior to this shoot I was always camera shy and awkward, and always tried to hire models to wear my designs. After a few shoots with Lor I began to open up to the possibility that I could tell the story myself- with her help of course! Her ability to capture the essence of what I was trying to communicate in this series seems kismet; we shot these extemporaneously in her backyard.
 I called this vignette  Eve in her Garden - as I sought to explore Christian religious imagery through the Caribbean lens. While my background is Indian - I was raised by a devout Christian mother - so biblical bedtime stories are something I grew up on. I wondered if the character Eve had existed on an island what might she look like? I created this backless bolero- and wrapped a sarong around my waist to mimic an Indian saree. The turban, the roses, the apple, my lips- are all intentional use of the color red. Red signifies power, lust, love and blood. Who was Eve? Was she the villain- or the victim?
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